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Follow Up – Extra Life & Things That Matter

October 25, 2012 By: Aaron

Phoenix Childrens Hospital ranked number 23 of the top 50 hospitals that recieved donations during the Extra Life event. There were a total of 176 participants raising money for PCH.

For paticipation in Extra Life and raising over $200 you get a shirt.

The money that I help raise all went towards PCH. I’m hoping to do this event again next year and to look into volunteer options at the hospital.

I would also like to thank my wife, Amy, for supporting me during this event. I started a little late with fund raising and I solicited my family and friends for donations since I really didn’t have a game plan on how or what to do to raise money. So I would also like to thank all the people that donated.


Over the past few weeks there’s been a few things that I’ve learned.

I would like to do some kind of volunteer work, for the longest time I’ve thought getting our dog Eoin qualified as a therapy dog. Of the three that we have I think he might be the best suited, since he doesn’t jump up on people, he’s really good with kids, and I’ve seen children hang on him and he just sits there and smiles and licks their faces.

The second, I’m not that great at communication. I’m a quite person, I tend to keep my feelings to myself and I have a hard time expressing them. I’m not talking about all my political Facebook posts, that’s just me sharing things I find interesting. What I’m talking about is deeper than that. It’s something that I’ve committed to work on. Not only for my own self growth but to help better my relationships with those around me.

It’s interesting what you will find when you take a moment and really reflect on what’s important to you.