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Our Third Anniversary

October 24, 2012 By: Aaron

Three years ago today I was lucky enought to marry Amy McCluskey.

We met back in August of 2007, just after her birthday. We had our first date at Duck & Decanter, which is also where I proposed to her.

Engagement photo taken at Desert Botanical Garden


We were engaged in the fall of 2008 and decided to plan for an October wedding so we could have it outside.




Stonebridge Manor, Mesa, Ariz


We chose Stonebridge Manor, located in Mesa Arizona as our venue. We thought it would be the perfect location for an intimate wedding.

Amy, looking beautiful in her dress before the wedding.






The day we were married was one of my happiest days. I couldn’t wait to see how beautiful she looked in her Wedding Dress. It’s one of those moments you anticipate as you wait for her to be escorted down the aisle.


Our ceremony surrounded by friends and family.





We had a small wedding with about 50 guests. We wanted a different look and feel and so decided to have a circle ceremony. We liked this option because it brought all our friends and family around us. Breaking tradition we also decided to do the Blending of the Sands Ceremony instead of the Unity Candle.

The Sweetheart Table at the Reception


Amy’s sand was silver and mine was navy blue. It starts with each of our mothers pouring just a little bit of sand into a clear vase. After each mother has had a turn, we then pour and blend our two colored sands together. It represents the blending of our lives together.


Our Wedding Rings




Being that I served in the Marine Corps and weddings is one of the few places that an inactive Marine can wear Dress Blues I chose to wear my uniform when we got married. As part of the wedding tradition in the Marines you cut the wedding cake with your sword.

Our cake and my NCO Sword







At a wedding the sword is presented to the bride by laying the sword over the left forearm, cutting edge away from the body, hilt towards the bride. The bride takes the sword and cuts the wedding cake, with the groom’s right hand resting over hers on the sword’s hilt and with his left arm free to place around his bride.

Amy cutting the Cake with my sword.