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January 11, 2013 By: Aaron

This past weekend we started rearranging and redecorating our bedrooms.

IMG_20130110_182454We’re almost finished with the Guest Bedroom. We purchased a bed frame for the full size mattress that matched 2 night stands and a dresser that we had in the master bedroom. We moved out the large Thomasville wooden dresser from the guest room and put it in the Master. We then added a rug, small end table and a chair with new cushions in the Guest room. I also finished hanging the curtains in the bedroom.

Now we are currently looking to get a new bed spread and sheets for the mattress that will go with room, working on some pictures and wall art to hang up and looking to get some floating shelves for one of the walls so it doesn’t look so bare.



Panoramic of Guest Room

The Master Bedroom was just mostly rearranging the furniture. We place our bed under the other window and moved the dresser and a rack in from the Guest room. As with the Guest room we are looking at pictures to frame or have turned into canvas prints to hang on the wall. Keeping with the theme of this change, we are also swapping out all the pictures in the hallway, kitchen and living room.

Sometimes you just need to change things around so you can refocus on things in life. I have to say I am pleased with what we’ve done so far and I’m excited to see the finished product.

I’ll post more pics once we get some wall art up and and the rooms finished.