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CPR Class

May 8, 2014 By: Aaron


This Saturday I have to go in for my yearly CPR training for the Children’s Hospital. The course that they teach is HeartSaver CPR, I had to get certified last year in order to work in the location I do at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
Luckily I never had to do CPR on anyone and since I’m a volunteer at the Hospital they tell us not perform CPR on the children, but instead if something happens to push one of the code blue buttons that spaced along the wall every few feet.

Most of my duties at the Hospital involves escorting children from their room down to the Child Life Zone (which you need to be CPR certified to escort children) and playing kids at the Zone if they want. I’ve played several games of air hockey with kids, you try to let them win ^^.

I do 2 hours a week, Fridays from 6-8 pm.