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Extra Life 2017

January 9, 2017 By: Aaron

I’ve registered for Extra Life 2017. This year will mark my 6th year participating in the event and fundraising for CMNH and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


2016 was a busy year, my wife and I started fostering 2 toddlers. That and the whole foster licensing took a lot of time from what I would have liked to have done for this event. My goal is to make this year a bit more productive and hopefully get a few people together so we can do group events. We’ll see how that plays out in the coming months.


applauseSo, lets get down to a bit of business. The official count for Extra Life 2016 is $9.1 million raised. That’s money going straight to children in need at several hospitals around the country. So lets give a round of applause to all those people that participated and helped Extra Life reach that number.


I’ve redone my website to pull in info from Extra Life and I’ve created ExtraLifePHX to pull in team info. Right now it can only pull in one team’s info but I plan to do a bit more work on it so I can do multiple teams. There is a WordPress blog that goes along with the site so any participants that would like to write any posts please let me know so I can give you access.

In closing for now, here’s some info from my profile on Extra Life.