Month: August 2023

Takeout-Style Sesame Noodles

INGREDIENTS 1pound noodles, frozen or (preferably) fresh 2tablespoons sesame oil, plus a splash 3½tablespoons soy sauce 2tablespoons Chinese rice vinegar 2tablespoons Chinese sesame paste 1tablespoon smooth peanut butter 1tablespoon granulated sugar 1tablespoon finely grated ginger 2teaspoons minced garlic 2teaspoons chile-garlic paste, chile crisp or chile oil, or to taste Half a cucumber, peeled, seeded and […]

Taco Salad

Ingredients 2tablespoons neutral oil (such as safflower or canola) 1pound ground beef Salt 1medium yellow onion, finely chopped 2teaspoons ground cumin 2teaspoons dried oregano 1½teaspoons chili powder 3garlic cloves, finely chopped 1(15.5-ounce) can pinto beans, drained, ½ cup bean liquid reserved Corn chips (preferably Fritos), as desired 2cups/4 ounces coarsely grated Colby or Cheddar cheese, […]

Chicken Katsu

Ingredients FOR THE TONKATSU SAUCE o 6tablespoons ketchup o 6tablespoons Worcestershire sauce o 4teaspoons unsulphured molasses o 2teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce o 2teaspoons granulated sugar o ¼teaspoon grated peeled fresh ginger o ⅛teaspoon ground clovesFOR THE CHICKEN KATSU o Vegetable oil, as needed for frying o ½cup all-purpose flour o 2large eggs, beaten o 1½cups […]